"Pam possesses a unique gift, and her willingness to share it has and continues to benefit many, myself included. She is the only person I have ever known with an infinite capacity for empathy that has also, affixed and inseparable from it, a keen and sharp incisor that finds the edge of your meat and the edge of your bone and peels them cleanly apart without damaging either one. It is then that you find yourself confronted with your essential human structure, as well as your will and actions, as two distinct entities, and your problems re-emerge in a brighter, clearer, and searing light. 


Pam intuits the lines between heart and habit, and she helps her clients walk those lines to arrive very much where they should have been in the first place. She is the best third-party self-correction tool on the market today, and I could offer no greater recommendation to anyone in need of such a service.

Joel Adams, Political consultant
Louisville, KY



Pam Vitaz has a magnetic personality that enlivens anyone she comes in contact with. She is a gifted listener and seer of peoples' potential. Better yet, she has the ability to help others see it for themselves, to inspire them to take the actions closest to their hearts, and wake them up to the possibilities available to them. 

Rachel Seed, Photographer

What I love most about Pam is that she is going to tell you what you need to hear.  It's not always easy and it's not always what you want to hear, but she's honest and in that, she has helped me notice and see things that perhaps I didn't see before.  She has a strong intuition & ability to see the bigger picture.  She has encouraged me to pursue my passion and to step into my strength.  I have appreciated the honesty, encouragement, and insight provided.  Her studies have given her the ability to provide a deeper understanding of self and from that, I have grown to understand how I relate to others and how I relate to self.  This has been a very valuable gift

Wendy de Mendoza
Wellness Coach


Working with Pam's guidance I was able to take the nebulosity of an idea and bring it into focus, creating a viable product that utilizes my strengths.
Pam's acute line of questioning helped me see where I needed to think through some things. Pam's style is challenging yet supportive. I'd recommend Pam to a startup and I'd certainly hire her again.
Waitman Gobble, Web Professional

Pam Vitaz is an incredibly grounded individual who seems to effortlessly bring this gift to those in her presence. Possessing a keen ability to ask questions that challenge one to look deeply and honestly into their present situation, Pam is able to gracefully lead one to the truth they already know on a deeper level. Pam’s ability to blend compassion and emotional neutrality lends itself to a perceptual clarity regarding life situations and patterns, personal motivations, debilitating thoughts, and a realization of individual skills and gifts. Personally, I have experienced Pam’s grounded way of perceiving and discussing my experiences as a loving mirror that sees me and loves me enough to show me the truth. Her encouragement and acknowledgment of my gifts have led to me following the path of my dreams and taking risks. Though I admit that these risks still ignite fear, today I continue to walk through the fire of fear because I see myself clearly, thanks in great part to Pam’s generous, honest, encouraging spirit. 
Suzy Hawkfire, Artist and Leader
Empowerment Circles

Pam Vitaz has touched my life in a very positive way. She radiates a can-do energy that can not be missed. I have called her my friend for 8 years and I am proud to say that she has helped me through several transformative times. There is one time in particular that I believe I would like to share.

After many years out of the public workforce as a stay-at-home mother, I decided to go back into the working world. 
I was nervous.  I was surprised that I was lacking self-confidence where I used to have so much belief in myself. 
I did not seem to know myself anymore. Pam asked me questions about my passions and talents and hopes and dreams. She talked to me about my views regarding the future. She discussed with me ways she parented. She is always so generous with her life and experiences, etc. She offers her opinions when asked, but that is it. Otherwise, she sticks to her experiences. This is something I really appreciated.  She shared many ideas, thoughts, and practices with me that I did not understand at first. It is difficult but worth the effort. I had to change my way of thinking and really get rid of some of my fear. Pam was so good at that… She is masterful at loving the world. That is truly her message. I was full of fear and did not know it. She was able to coax it out of me and to help me to let go of my tentative attitude towards life. 

Ultimately I was able to find my way and go back to work and to find talents that I did not even know that I had. I am doing work that I would have told you that I would have been terrified to do. But, It's not about the work it's about putting good in the world. Pam helped me find my way by sharing herself with me. 

I love Pam. I hope that she is in my life forever. She is a truly good soul. If you are reading this and are wondering if you should have Pam Vitaz in your life in any capacity, please do yourself this one beautiful favor. Please get to know this rare gem of a woman. She is a great person; smart, fun, hilarious and brilliant. She will brighten your day and augment the quality of your life

S. W. Louisville, KY